Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Inappropriate Weekend

1 long weekend + 1 wedding + 1 party of crazy friends (that is the real collective noun of friends believe it or not) = random memories to last a lifetime.
Here are a few quotes from that weekend:
  • "You not as regular as me."
  • "Be a salmon, first you go upstream, then you have sex, then you die. It's not so bad!"
  • "Dasheen- an Indian name."
  • "Gallstones are pretty."
  • "Nebneb- the sound of a mating stallion."
  • "Slumboes- a slumber party for hobos."
  • "Don't trip."
  • "Use my protection stick."
  • "...and they psych, so what would they know."
  • "I'd love it if you stuffed money in my pants."
  • "Ons gaan nou braai...maar as die weer sleg is gaan ons nou..."
  • "Wetward."
  • "Wiggle wiggle."
  • "You are squashing my potatoes."
  • "You can have my mangoes."
  • "Yours is so big... that's what she said...
  • (Laughing really loudly at the speech) "What did she say?" "I have no idea."
  • "A sadist... oh someone who worships Satan."
  • "Isn't that called a domanatrix?"
  • "I control your tan line."
  • "That child is too self-assured to be adopted."
  • "That little boy would be so cute if he wasn't a kwashi."
  • "Up your bum!"
  • "What is it?" "Its a cocaine strip." "What does it smell like?" "Paper."
  • 'You're a marshmallow."
  • "May your year be full of sunshine and ramps."
  • "You are so thin, I don't know where to hold."
  • "I love embryos."
  • "There is no lock on the bathroom door...please control your emotions."
That's all.


  1. one of the best weekends ever! i really laughed out loud at this one! good times!! :)

  2. At least I pretended the speech was funny :) It makes a person feels validated.
    What an awesome weekend :)

  3. ooooh, I remember this inappropriate weekend!:)